Instructions: this form is to be started by management prior to the departure of the HACCP Coordinator.  This check sheet is recommended by the NCIMS HACCP Committee for transition tool to help and guide in the transition process.  Each description is to be done in sequence to best maximize and expedite the orientation and training of the new HACCP Coordinator.  The form is designed for those with limited knowledge on HACCP and its principles. 
# Description Date Completed Initials of Trainee Comment
1 Verify what HACCP related roles for the HACCP Coordinator exist and setup temporary means to have those roles fulfilled until completion of this checklist.      
2 Have management recognize and support the needed time investment for your agenda relative to HACCP and its high priority.      
3 Determine the month and year of the next regulatory audit of the NCIMS HACCP plan.  Contact regulatory and notify them of the HACCP Coordinator change.      
4 Choose from the approved list of HACCP reference material and become familiar with it.      
5 Review and understand appendix K of the most current Pasteurized Milk Ordinance (PMO) and other portions of the PMO relevant to HACCP (pasteurization CCP models, product and water sampling etc.) that contains the HACCP Program for the National Conference on Interstate Milk Shipment (NCIMS).      
6 Review plant HACCP plans and become familiar with the Critical Control Points (CCP) of each plan.  This also includes familiarizing and verifying the flow diagrams and understanding the prerequisite programs.  Reviewing the centralized document list and how those documents interact with HACCP is necessary as well.       
7 Establish a mentor from the approved list of NCIMS HACCP mentors (one may be recommended) by the HACCP committee and/or a plant subsidiary participating in the HACCP optional program).  This mentor can be a resource on questions that may arise relative to HACCP.      
8 Schedule attendance at an approved 3rd party training course** on HACCP that meets the Dairy HACCP Core Curriculum as described in Appendix K of the PMO and other portions of the PMO relevant to HACCP (pasteurization CCP models, product and water sampling etc.).      
9 Schedule a transition meeting with state regulatory.  This transition meeting is not required and is intended to be an information exchange.  See "Transition Agenda" tab on this file for the Agenda.      
10 Review your deviation and prerequisite program nonconformity folder and make sure your deviation database is up to date.      
11 Review the last validation of the HACCP plan and verify that it has been in the last year and that there have not been any changes that would affect the HACCP plan and resolve as necessary.  All parts of the HACCP plan will need to have the signature of the new HACCP coordinator where applicable and the HACCP Team sheet shall be changed to reflect the alteration.      
12 Review the latest regulatory audit checklist with the pop-up functions (see "Reference" tab) and understand its content.      
13 Benchmark; HACCP Coordinator should understand how the plant's HACCP system provides safety and fits with the NCIMS HACCP requirements.      
14 Benchmark; HACCP Coordinator should be satisfied that the HACCP system provides product safety and is in compliance with the NCIMS HACCP program.  If not satisfied, resolve with HACCP team until agreed upon.      
15 Date of 3rd party training completion.      
16 Date of regulatory transition meeting completion.      
17 Review the last two regulatory audits and the one listing audit along with the corresponding corrective actions to get a feel of the auditing program.  Note the dates of the audit compared to the HACCP plan revision dates to identify if the audits were on an older version compared to now.      
18 Become familiar, if applicable, to the dairy terms (see the link located on the "Reference" tab).      
** Please note that job experience may qualify a candidate to fulfill the HACCP functions in lieu of training.