01 Feb

NCIMS Automatic Milking Installation (AMI) Subcommittee Chosen

The Automatic Milking Installation (AMI) Subcommittee of the Technical Engineering Review Committee (TERC) was formed in January.  The Subcommittee is working on its charge from the NCIMS Conference Chair, Dr. Stephen Beam, “to examine the issue of compliance of Automatic Milking Installations  (AMIs) with the requirements of the Pasteurized Milk Ordinance (PMO) with the specific objective of identifying the obstacles and potential solutions to aligning PMO requirements with current and next generation AMI equipment and operations.  As part of meeting this charge, the Committee shall establish an inclusive working subcommittee consisting of representatives from state  regulatory agencies, FDA, AMI manufacturers, and other industry sectors as needed to obtain the necessary technical expertise and stakeholder input.  The Committee shall provide progress reports  at least quarterly to the NCIMS Executive Board, and may culminate its work with proposals for specific revisions to the PMO, or other conference documents, for consideration by state delegates at the 2019 Conference.

Membership of the AMI Subcommittee may be found on the Committees listing link under the Leadership tab on the home page.