During past conferences, certain major programs have been developed through the use of Ad-Hoc Committees and Pilot programs.  Information on recent Ad-Hoc Committees and Pilot Programs which have been developed into on-going programs may be found in the following pages.



[fruitful_ibox column=”ffs-three-one” title=”App N”]DRAFT Appendix N Pilot

Status report on the DRAFT 211 Pilot Program.[/fruitful_ibox]

[fruitful_ibox column=”ffs-three-one” title=”APP”]Aseptic Pilot Program

The APP was formed to study aseptic processing and packaging.[/fruitful_ibox]
[fruitful_ibox column=”ffs-three-one” title=”ICP” last=”true”]International Certification Program

The ICP was formed to study international certification.[/fruitful_ibox]




[fruitful_ibox column=”ffs-three-one” title=”HACCP”]HACCP Documents

The HACCP program was formed to study the application of the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point program to the Grade “A” Dairy Program. [/fruitful_ibox]