Aseptic Pilot Program

The NCIMS Aseptic Pilot Program Implementation Committee is working with FDA on a webinar for those who are interested in the Aseptic Pilot Program and for those State Regulators and Rating Officers who are required to take the training. For training announcement, agenda and registration form click on Aseptic Pilot Webinar Training Registration.

The NCIMS Aseptic Pilot Implementation Committee has developed several items of importance to the Pilot Program.  They are:

If you have any questions about any of these items, please contact Sia Economides or Mary Wodtke, Co-Chairs of the Aseptic Pilot Program Implementation Committee:

Sia Economides, Co-Chair, NCIMS Aseptic Program
Nestle USA
800 N. Brand Blvd
Glendale, CA 91203

Terrence Philibeck, Co-Chair, NCIMS Aseptic Program
Michigan Department of Agriculture
Dairy Division